Choose from three options for your share of a hog: 1/4, 1/2 or whole.  We will select an animal that will be prepared for you by a local butcher shop.  

We cover standard butcher fees and offer free delivery to many locations. Custom cuts are available for 1/2 and whole shares. 



The price of each share is based on a rate of $3 per pound of the animal's live weight.  Our animals go to market weighing between 230 and 280 pounds.

What you'll receive

The final product and price will be based on your individual animal. Our hogs typically fall within these ranges.  

1/4 Share

Perfect for individuals or those with limited freezer space. All of our quarter shares come standard with jowl and belly bacon, spare ribs, shoulder, ham and bone-in loin roasts, pork chops, hocks, sausage and lard. Organ meat is included for those who request it.

30-40 lbs of meat.  

1/2 Share

A popular choice for small families, this option can be customized and offers an opportunity to try a little bit of everything.  

60-80 lbs of meat 

Whole Share

For large families, home cooks and serious pork lovers. There's nothing quite like having your own personalized stash of bacon, roasts, chops, shoulder, sausage and more. 

120-160 lbs of meat





ordering  opportunities

We have a limited number of pigs available for custom orders throughout the year. Fill out the form and we'll add you to our list to be notified of upcoming butcher dates.

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