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Seth  | The Swineherd

Seth | The Swineherd

Lyndsey  | Boss Hawg

Lyndsey | Boss Hawg

Molly & Ellie  | Wieners

Molly & Ellie | Wieners

Clara  | Sprout

Clara | Sprout



We represent the 4th & 5th generations of our family to grow food on this homestead in the Tuscarawas River valley.  Originally founded as the Paulus Turkey Farm in the late 1940s,  the land had been rented to neighboring farmers for decades.  We returned to the farm to cultivate the best traditions of Appalachian food and agriculture .


the animals

Our swine herd represents a full-bodied mix of heritage breeds including Large Blacks, Gloucestershire Old Spots, Red Wattles, Durocs, Herefords, Berkshires and other heritage breeds.  

During the growing season, they're free to forage in the woods and graze clover pastures . In the winter, they nestle in straw bedded shelters. 


The result 

Fed up with pork that is too lean, too dry, too gristly?  We let our animals develop fat, get plenty of exercise and just be pigs. It may take a little extra work, but the result is meat that is more flavorful and more satisfying to eat.  


farm life